December 2016

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Hi. My name is Joel Brown. I am very excited to bring this problem solving product to the market. We stay in an era of instant gratification. We want it and we want it now! And it happens too! Especially in things like fast-food, technology, the internet, social media, apps, and much more. However, there is one thing that we must always work for and can not cut corners with. And that’s FITNESS. As a certified personal fitness trainer and nutritionist who has worked with many members and clients over the years, you can believe I have heard and seen my fair share of events. People who have wasted money on whack gizmos and gadgets that don’t work. People who have tried every supplement under the sun, but thought it would work without exercise. Fad diets that are actually hurting more people both mentally and physically, rather than helping. I would hear on a daily basis what someone COULD NOT DO, WOULD NOT DO, or AIN'T GONE DO! Of course it was always wrapped up with a list of excuses. Everybody wants results instantly!

Here were the most common excuses I heard. I don’t have enough time to workout. I don’t have enough money to get everything I need to get the results I want. I don’t have all the resources I need to workout properly due to my schedule, where I travel, or for my specific goals. Most people wanted a pill to be the solution, while others felt as if there was just some kind of body wrap or gadget that would work like magic, and then that would do as well. Now here is where the idea muscle kicked in for me. Most people that know me would consider me a thrift enthusiast. I mean I shop at thrift stores and everything, but let me elaborate on this. My favorite definition of “thrift” is described as “The wise management of time, money, and resources.” That is what I am all about! Efficiency!  I look for ways in my daily life on a consistent basis to make sure that what I am doing is being done in the most efficient manner. Now back to my past clients and their shared issues. The most common excuses given were always linked back up to the  LACK of time, money, and resources. What could I bring to the table that would help people with what seem to be similar problems across the board?

I dug into my past. I used to play a trading card game that had competitive gameplay. The game is so relevant because I thought about how it had much competition, and in order to be the best you had to come up with the best combination of cards that worked for you. There wasn’t a right way or just one way to win. There was only a way that worked best for you. That’s what I want to offer with the Thrift&Lift Exercise Playing Cards. You don’t have to do what everybody else is doing. There are many variations that work. Pick the ones that are most comfortable to you. You will enjoy it better and stick with it longer. Also, think about flash cards. These are a college student's best friend to learning information. I thought about this when creating content for the cards. People don’t only need a plan to follow, but it would be more beneficial if they actually learned what they were doing. I always hear this. What muscles am I working? Is this getting the back of my arms? How can I modify this? I hate these! What else can I do? So like flash cards,  I decided to include ALL and ONLY relevant information for you to ace the test. This means getting a proper workout and learn what you are doing. This includes the name, category, what muscles are worked, picture of how to do it, description of how to do it, and modifications for each exercise. Rinse, wash, and repeat for 15 different exercises over 4 different categories equals 60 cards in total! BOOM! Time to workout!  

So, this is great! All of the information is on the cards so people don’t get distracted by technology like social media or phone calls, and it provides all the relevant content to keep people informed and on track. But finally, what about the exercises? Does it matter what’s on the cards? It does. Remember one of the things people say the most is that they don’t have enough time or resources. That is because some people feel they can’t always make it to the gym or they need certain equipment for certain routines they are following. That’s why I created this 60 card deck to include ALL exercises that could be performed without ANY equipment. NO EXCUSES!!! Take them with you anywhere and complete them anytime. Modifiable for anybody. Just consult your doctor or physician if you have any conditions or injuries that could prevent you from being on a new exercise plan.

While working with clients, my primary objective is usually with fat loss. Shedding those extra unwanted pounds with the attempt to get those muscles to show. That required good nutrition and consistent exercise. Let’s skip all the gadgets, gizmos, pills and whatnot that make false promises. You don’t need those. You just need a more efficient plan. I was very passionate about creating an efficient plan presented in a different way. I wish everybody could have a deck just ready to go in the car so there would be no legitimate excuses ever for why they don't workout. Even if you had to do 10 minute increments throughout the day! (TIP: Makes a good gift. I'm sure you know people who could benefit and you are tired of hearing their excuses.) I am NOT saying my cards are the only way ever to see fat loss results. I am NOT saying they work without consistency or proper nutrition either. If I did, that would make me a liar like most of these posers selling fake fitness products. The Thrift&Lift cards are an efficient fitness planner and guide to help you live an excuse-free fitness lifestyle. I want people to be able to pick up a deck, realize that it saved them time, money and resources to reach their fitness goals, and say “I DON’T HAVE AN EXCUSE.”

What is Thrift&Lift?

Well, Thrift&Lift is my brand and philosophy, and is broken down into two components. Thrift is the wise management of time, money, and resources. Lift means "lift weights" (or any type of resistance like body weight) for general exercise, and to "lift your thinking" (meaning empowerment through education.) Thrift&Lift is ALL about self-improvement and personal development. Make it a goal to become excuse-free! It’s a personal achievement if when you come up with an excuse, but then identify it AS an excuse, and then overcome it. “I can’t workout today because I don’t have time. Wait a minute, that’s an excuse and I could use the Thrift&Lift cards for 30 minutes right before dinner.” BOOM! Now you are on the winning team!

I hope my story may have inspired you. I am truly passionate about helping others and seeing them succeed at their goals. Remember, I want Thrift&Lift and The Thrift&Lift Exercise Playing Cards to be able to encourage you to say “I don’t have an excuse.”

Much success to you.

Joel Brown

  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

  • Certified Nutritionist

  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor

  • Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist

  • Creator of the Thrift&Lift Exercise Playing Cards