December 2016

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What are the customers saying?

These exercise playing cards are FABULOUS!! You can workout with these for 15 minutes every day and get a great workout. There are so many different exercises and different combinations so you can't get bored. They are so easy to use and fun to do with a group of friends or just by yourself. You can't find a better workout for the price and completely without a gym membership. If you travel, you can take the cards wherever you go and still have a complete workout. Another great thing about these cards is that each exercise shows modifications for all fitness levels. Trust me, you can't go wrong with these cards and the trainer that created them is WONDERFUL!! Get yours TODAY!!

Bonita B.

"This program really works! For the first time in 4years I weigh under 130lbs. I went from 134lbs to 127lbs. Other programs I tried I plateaued. It is amazing, and I definitely recommend. It is 21days and will kick you into a great habit!"    -Amazon customer

I use these cards when I am not able to make it to the gym. They help to keep me from skipping workouts as well as giving me some variety to them.

Lisa B.
"These cards are awesome. So many people think that getting in shape and healthy requires a gym membership and that is simply not true. Even if you have a gym membership, you can take these cards with you to change up your routine every day. I personally lost over 20 pounds with Thrift & Lift COMBINED with dedicated healthy nutrition habits. Would highly reccomend." - Amazon customer

Great concept and design created by a real trainer. Having met the creator, I know that he is dedicated and committed to fitness, wellness, and well, thriftiness. He's combined those interests to design a product that is both affordable and useful. In minutes a day you can get in your workout while keeping it fresh and different to ward off boredom while seeing results. Well worth a one time $20 purchase if you ask me! =)

-Jennifer S.

"The Thrift&Lift plan using the Thrift&Lift card deck is an ingenious plan. No more boring workouts! You can choose from a variety of exercises that target specific areas of the body and switch it up as much as you want. The great part is that every exercise shows modifications for all fitness levels. This is a very well designed program that gets results!!" -Amazon customer

I LOVE these CARDS! It is hard for me to find time to go to the gym. With these cards, I can workout at home or on the go. I am not very fitness savvy, so these cards make it easy for me to switch up my routine. The cost is very affordable. Would highly recommend!

-Brittany W.

"Having 2 kids and working full-time does not always allow me to make time for the gym. But that is why these cards are perfect! In about 15-20 minutes, I can get a great workout at home or even out of town! I love having the benefit of staying fit and healthy, and the extra energy to keep up with the kids!"       -Amazon Customer
I have been training on and off for 45 years with a modest amount of success. The biggest challenge has always been motivation and time. These cards have eliminated both problems. In just 15 to 20 minutes a day, you can get both cardio and resistance training at the same time. They are designed with variety and fun in each workout, and that makes all the difference. I am very pleased with the results that I 've gotten and I'm sure you will be too!

-Vic T.
"Awesome workouts! Easy to keep your workouts fun, effective and interchangeable!!! I've been using them for close to 6 months ago and I can still come up with workout combos!!! Great product!!!" -Amazon customer

LOVE Thrift&Lift Exercise playing cards! I do not like doing the same workout everyday so the cards helped change it up. Also, if you are looking for something to get your family active the cards are perfect! My husband I really enjoyed working out together. 

-Ashley W.

Practical, portable, and price friendly! Worth the investment! I love how the cards give a modified version for those battling arthritis like I do.

-Lindsay P.

These cards couldn't make it any easier to get a great workout in--anywhere! What ever combination you use them, you are getting the full benefit of a great high intensity sweat session!!

-Emily W.

These cards are amazing! So easy to use; I have lost 7 lbs in the two weeks I have started. I have lost a total of 45 with the trainer that created them!!

-Rena P.

It is a great way to create a unique workout each time. The variety of exercises won't let you get bored.

-Mac S.

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