December 2016

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1 Deck of The Thrift&Lift Exercise Playing Cards 

Only $19.99 + FREE SHIPPING






I love these playing cards for keeping me on a good fitness track! The deck includes great exercises that can work for anyone. They're easy to use and are a great way to be able to workout anywhere, with guidance from the cards. They're convenient and great to travel with as well. I would definitely recommend these to anyone, whether you're just getting started on a fitness routine or are a longtime fitness addict!

-Brannon D.

I love these!! They made working out so doable and easy!! I always had some excuse before and didn't want to go to the gym but with these I could do it at home if I didn't feel like going and still get a great work out in, I lost 10 pounds using this plan!!

-Angel O.

Eliminate the excuses of not enough TIME, not enough MONEY, and not enough RESOURCES!

How Thrifty Are You?

The Thrift&Lift Exercise Playing Cards are an affordable solution for both losing weight and getting fit. You don't need anymore gizmos and gadgets that don't work. You need an excuse-free fitness plan that can be done anytime and anywhere.

SAVES TIME- Workout all at once or in bouts throughout the day!

SAVES MONEY- ONE-time payment of $19.99! Cheaper than a gym membership or a personal training session!

SAVES RESOURCES- ALL exercises can be performed with ZERO equipment and can be done anywhere. Doesn't get much thriftier than that!   

Modifications for people of all fitness levels. 

LEARN!- Each card displays how to perform the exercise, a description of how to do it, and what muscle group it works!

Enjoy the simplicity of the workout routines or challenge yourself with advanced levels. START NOW!

Stop wasting time barely working out at home or not knowing what to do at the gym. All it takes is a plan!




Q: Why can't I just use my phone to find workouts each day? 

A: Good question. The internet is full of information as well as distractions. Which website do I go to? What plan works for me? Where are the modifications? My data speed just reduced! Oh! A Facebook notification! Email?! Text message!? I think you get the picture. We want to do everything we can to eliminate the distractions and wasting of time. 

Q: Do they work if I buy them, but don't use them? Please say yes.

A: No. No they don't...


Enjoy HUNDREDS of workout combinations!


Q: Is this for anyone? I'm thinking of some people I may give to as a gift.

A: Always consult a doctor or physician before starting an exercise plan if you have any medical or physical conditions. But of course! Preparing for a wedding, post-baby, college student, busy with kids, always traveling, or maybe you just hate gyms? There are plenty of reasons to use these cards! 

The Thrift&Lift Exercise Playing Cards make the perfect gift- The Gift of EFFICIENCY! - Whether its the holidays or any time of the year!